At Home With... Pauline de Rothschild

Gucci's stores are all decorated with a chinoiserie wallpaper at the moment. A glorious mix of birds and flowers on a pastel background. The kind that you will find at Gracie or de Gournay and very reminiscent of the interior decor style of Pauline de Rothschild.

What interior design lover cannot reference the photograph of Pauline de Rothschild peeking through a jib door of her bedroom that is covered in a sea foam color chinoiserie wallpaper?

De Rothschild was so proficient in anything that had to do with design and was so singular in her style and flourishes that Vogue came up with the moniker - and column - Le Style Pauline

Through out her homes - Paris, Chateau de Mouton, London and New York, de Rothschild decorating style was a fabulous melange of neoclassic elements and chinoiserie with a dash a drama.

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Required Reading: Venice's Palazzos, Vignettes, Rajasthan And More...

From the colors and textures of India to the modern and serene interiors of Vicente Wolf, a list of exciting new book releases.

The Four Elements of Design: Interiors Inspired By Earth, Water, Air and Fire. Design guru Vicente Wolf guides us through his decorating approach informed by the natural elements. 

Inside Venice: A Private View of the City's Most Beautiful Interiors. The Old World grandeur of Venice's palazzos and private apartments are laid bare through lavish photography. Anyone interested in design and craft must get this book. 

Rajasthan. Palaces, colors, intricate patterns, history, culture - everything about this glorious place. 

It's The Little Things. Susanna Salk rounds up the world's top decorators and asks them to share their favorite vignettes and gives advice on how we can create layered settings ourselves. 


Introducing The Blue Carreon Home Mariposa

When I first introduced the Galapagos Ant to my collection, little did I know that it will be a such a success. To follow it up, I thought long and hard as to what to do next. I toyed around with many different ideas but in the end the butterfly trumped all of them. Inspiration for the butterfly objet, which I have lovingly called Mariposa, came varied sources — Damien Hirst's paintings, the Valentino collection embroidered and printed with butterflies, and Mother Nature's beauty. In creating the Mariposa, I decided to go with two version: one in all brass and the other features white shell on its wings. The former looks modern while the latter has the effect of jewelry.

I hope you like the Mariposa and it will be in stores and online in the next couple of weeks. And I cannot wait to share with you the rest of the pieces from the new Blue Carreon Home collection.